Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Bride of flower child"

OHHHHHHHHH I saw Peter Max art yesterday,spent well over an hour looking! I was enthralled and am going to see the man in action on Sunday. This is the first time his art got to Baltimore I was told. No one but me was in there for an hour,then a few folks came in. This sure isn't a art town,but I have known that. I was apologizing about this town to his people. Anyway I had a blast,learned alot and spent all the time my meter would let me. Then Ben and Jerrys gave free ice cream cones yesterday,so that was a nice treat. Wish Baltimore would catch up to NY and DC for art followings. Maybe it's the economy this week,I tried to rationalize buying on of his pieces. But no spare 8 grands for the one I would love. I pleaded when I got home but nope. They won't let you take a camera in.
The above collage I just did matches my "Last flower child" in size and they are a cute couple on my wall.

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Neda said...

I really love that series, Joy. How large is the collage?? Please show us the others too.

I am sorry I did not visit but I was really up against a deadline!!

Kiss Max for me :)