Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How bizzare,how bizzare.

This weekend when I was trying to organize I came across this photo. This piece was hanging in a gallery in town, don't remember where and fortunately I had my camera with me. This portrait,don't know who it's by,was done completely with hair.,HAIR! It is somewhat bizzare but quite unique. Amazing what people can create art with.


Janet said...

That is truly amazing!! I recently read about a guy in prison who used melted M&Ms and the hair from his own head to make paint and a brush! I guess if you're meant to make art you'll find the means to do it one way or another.

LINDSAY said...

This is truly unique! I little weird, but very nice!

LisaOceandreamer said...

It's awesome and almost creepy at the same time. Unique, that's for darn sure!

Gypsy said...

If people think this is a little creepy have you ever seen mourning jewelry or hair art the Victorians did?

THAT is art! AND so out of my price range!

This is a fun portrait I wonder if it was in rememberance of that person?

Here are a couple of links:


oormila vijayakrishnan said...

Ha ha ha! That was actually done with HAIR?!? I guess i could pluck out a few of my unruly curls and try similar stunts :-D Thanks for your comments on my blog. Am Having a look at yours now and am impressed by your "mail art" :-)

melanie said...

wow, this is strangely very impressive. i cannot even imagine the patience that must have required working with all those tiny strands of hair. ick, creeps me out a bit.