Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer cards

My favorite post cards or collages have been created in the morning after reading the paper. I don't often wake up with creative ideas unfortunately, so I try to paint a blank page in a journal, or on a undone project or do these small collages. I love to use words as prompts for an idea. Then I can find my paper pallet or paints. I still love torn edges.

Sunday I may drive over to Georgetown to my favorite shop for papers. Wander and have lunch with a friend. I started stocking up on fabrics also to make some easy summer tops in funky and interesting fabrics. When you get my age it's hard to find interesting artsy clothes on a limited budget. Yum I found some wonderful cottons in batiks. I used a favorite top of mine as the pattern and after the first one I made last week I know the mistakes to look out for.

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Claudine said...

Georgetown paper shop? Is it a secret or will you reveal where it is to your paper addicted collage friend? Pretty please!

I started my art blog again. It is a little pathetic right now but slowly I will add to it.

Here it is... Claudine's Sketchbook