Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Things to do in air conditioning

I was bookless having just read Augusten Burroughs laugh out loud in bed books. I pick books by their covers occasionally(shh)and wouldn't you with this one? "The Lavender Hour" is a book my husband would call a chick book. What is funny about this book is Gypsy had emailed me about jewelry made with human hair not all that long ago. This was after she saw my previous entry of the portrait someone made out of hair. Anyway the woman in this book does hospice work but alsooooo makes jewelry for alot of cancer patients out of human hair. Coincidence? How funny when you hear about something unusual twice in such a short time? This book is for you Gypsy,for sure.


ingeniouslycreative said...

Hi Joy, thanks for signing my blog ! I came to yours finding all kinds of beautiful artwork, what a joy!!! I love your shell man collage and can't even begin to wonder how long it must have taken you! It is truly stunning. To answer your question about the face cabs, I sell them on ebay, but if you need some before more are listed then just email me, the email addy is at the right hand corner of my blog. Thank you again you lovely artist you! xoxo Carol in England

BlueJude said...

How cool is that? Odd, but cool. lol Thanks for stoppin' by my blog.
Like the pieces below!

Gypsy said...

OHMYGAWD! That is too funny! Now I have to get the book and see what it is all about! LOL

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Today is better for me, but still in a lot of pain! Did get out and get my hair I feel a bit accomplished! Giggle