Saturday, July 7, 2007

Self portrait challenge

Now if I can figure how to add my photo to the self portrait challenge I will be happy. I had so much fun doing this old pic of myself. It was a transparency I played with in my photo programs then printed by the sun (element). I captured myself by the timer in a pose I felt most represented my constant pensiveness toward life and the future. The big old house porch and windows were a plus for the background.


BlueJude said...

This is a GREAT photo! AND I've been having the same problem with SPC! Hmmmm......

j a n e said...

Your blog is looking GREAT!!!


(Thinking of you today- as I was going over emails...)

LisaOceandreamer said...

This is very cool!
I loathe having my photo taken thus I could never do the self portrait challenge!

melanie said...

this is an AMAZING self portrait!

p.s. did you figure out how to add your link at self portrait challenge? you need to register first, then you will have to login in each time you want to add your link. i think there are links at the bottom of the sidebar.