Friday, February 22, 2008

Someone turns 3 February 23rd,2008

HEY YOU PETERPAN psssstttt!!! You turn 3 Saturday even the vets office sent a card to you! You are so adorable but onery. We got you as a baby and still you act like we are going to take your toys from you(have we ever?) You have a large batch of toys,all over the house. You take inventory of the toys and know some by name. I know we spoiled you rotten,but we love you. You traveled to Florida with us in the car and stayed in a lovely beachfront hotel with an elevator and the cleaning service knew you, as you walked by, tail in the air (and smoking jacket,um no)and head proud. We ate outside in all the fun restaurants and you sat in a chair and they brought you a water bowl. (no not a finger bowl) The neighborhood knows you as the dog who stands up on his hind legs a long long time and turns to watch anyone or anything across the street. You love car rides and the sunporch and sleeping sideway in the bed between us. You are beyond jealous of the cat,birdies and everything alive. Happy Birthday Pete,we love you! (aka:P P)


Bobbie said...

Happy Birthday dear Peterpan! He looks like a peterpan and I think you are so lucky to have him for all his idiosyncratic ways :)

Sweet Irene said...

Happy Birthday Pete, you are but a babe in the woods and you need lots of guidance still from your Mom, so be a good dog and listen well and do not be too jealous of the cats, because they can be your greatest friends.

Many hugs,
your pal,
Jesker (age 10 and 10 months).