Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ok I am not liking the aging thing one bit!

This is me,no not the body I am in right now. I am really not liking aging at all! I am tired of feeling like I do and yeah looking like I do now. They really didn't tell us we would get old did they?? I think baby-boomers,(aka:Pepsi generation folks) are just finding out how bad it really can get. I don't remember thinking one day you won't be able to keep a thought more than 5 minutes,or wake up with hurting joints,or get wrinkled and fat. Oh and yes the days started with "yes mam" and went down hill from there. Amazing the tests Doc's can find to run on you and the meds to remember to take daily. I am not happy one bit at this aging process. We are next in line to die and I haven't done all the projects I've written down to do,yet. Not nearly finished it all! Where is all this high blood pressure,hypothyroid,anxiety,depression,constant dental work,weight gain no matter what you do stuff coming from? Sadly I know it will get worse,because I took care of my mom for so long. She couldn't believe it was happening to her either. One day you are young,skinny,relatively attractive(though you never thought so) banning the bomb,and angry at the world,next you are old,fat, banning the bomb, and angry at the world.
This pic was me in my 20's and too skinny,I was told,belonging to womans lib,raising a child,and still planning to move to "The Village" and be a beatnik,and write poems for Dylan to turn into songs. But I got to California that year and didn't have flowers in my hair and be a hippie and live on a commune,another plan of action.
Oh where does the time go when that person is still inside you?


Neda said...

I feel like I am hearing myself! Who says we've got to age gracefully? I remember when I was 25 years old and moaning for days that I had turned "a quarter-century old!" Now that I am almost twice that age, I feel bitter for not having lived as young as I wanted to. I was too serious and now that I have finally resolved a lot of issues, my body is betraying me..But you know what? I don't care anymore! I try not to look at the mirror nor get on the scale; in my mind --like you, I am the person I know. I want to behave like a middle-aged (yuck what a horrible word), so what do you say? Let's party girl! It's only going downhill from here (I am not talking about sagging body parts only).. Cheer up! If there is any consolation, we're all in that sinking boat. Let's LIVE before it's too late :)

Neda said...

oops..see what memory I have?? I meant : I want to behave like a middle-aged teenager without the zits and the angst :)

Neda said...
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Neda said...

In response to your comment on my blog. 1) You're welcome anytime and 2) yes, aging sucks and it ain't pretty either. When I feel down, I ask myself: would I prefer the alternative? NO. But this does not mean that I don't loathe the hormonal craziness, the wacky thyroid, the BP and the medicines(yes me too), the panic attacks, the achy joints, the creaky knees, the frumpy oversized dresses (don't real women have any right in dressing up in things other than a tablecloth?? are we not sexy anymore!), the bloated feet (Lifestride, here I come), the fading eyesight and the growing population of grey hair competing with the physical and spiritual wrinkles...let's make a list! Love ya, Joy!

Leslie said...

Oh yes, aging. It really sucks, but as my grandfather used to say, the alternative is good either.

It's the days when we catch ourselves in the mirror or a window and wonder who the heck that is.

Still, you were beautiful then as you are beautiful now. I expect you are much more attractive in some areas now than then.

Sweet Irene said...

You get to be an adult with middle age wisdom and middle age sensibilities and that's not that bad. I would not trade what I know now about life for that young body again. I think of the ignorance I lived in then, despite my "good looks."

I'd rather be who I am today, even though the body is aging a bit and is not so wonderful to look at and it does have its frailties. That's just all maintenance. It's the mind that counts, and I'd rather have this one.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Joy,

What a great post!! I echo what others have said.

And I got ripped off even more ... because so much of my 20s and 30s I was so so sick ... so I didn't even get that much of the youth ...

But then again, so many people don't even make it through their teens ... especially in some parts of the world.

But I still don't like the parts of aging I have!!! Not at all!!

I look at slender young things ... and they usually don't appreciate like I didn't either!

~ Diane Clancy

Neda said...

Me again...but this time, I am disguised as a Hermes delivering a little message for you on my blog :)

lisa bebi said...

well said, my friend - except i lived in CA - not in a commune, but was in the park in love-ins with flowers in my hair - having hitch-hiked there.

Joy Logan said...

Lisa you lucky!!!

Anonymous said...

i just stumbled on to your blog and felt i could have written it. i just turned 50 but, luckly i feel 35. no achs or pains YET!!! just keep on doing the things you want and NEVER say OH i'm to old to do that. cathie

Gypsy said...

Oh Girl friend! I have to say AMEN and WHERE the hell do ALL those chin hairs come from when you are least expecting them! Damn things are like rabbits!

I have battled thyroid for years, now the scyatic nerve pain constantly, the steriods made me MORE fat, then the new med that stopped the pain at night so I could sleep made me MORE fat! So now I am OFF the meds and starting to exercise because damn it I don't want my grandmother body I just woke up with! I swear I NEVER had back fat before...I noticed it yesterday! Yikes! Back fat! Granny tummy! DOUBLE chin WITH hair! Egads!

But I embrace the experience and will work on changing as much as I can.

Just remember you are not alone! OHMYGAWD I look old! I know the feeling!

I tagged you on my blog if you feel like playing!