Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2 little tiny pink fuzzy babies now!

We now have 2 babies and doing well! Mama "Yoko" rarely leaves the nest box. Couple days back she came out for air,(and a shampoo and shower,joking), and I grabbed the flashlight and saw the second one and an egg. By the way yes they do love mashed eggs! and whole grain bread. I also make tiny salads at the salad bars and bring them home for them,fresh. Did I mention the dog is major jealous when I give them any attention? Imagine the neglect our poor cat feels around this dog. Muriel (the cat)runs by when the dog is outside. I have never had such a jealous dominant dog before,he needs "the dog whisperer".
These scrawney babies are adorable,but there is one more unopened egg. Hope it's ok. More soon. OH the above collage is from a vacation, I travel with papers and scissors and glue,etc. Never know when something will just come together!


Bobbie said...

I know you have to be all kinds of excited to have these little fluff balls. I can only imagine as I get exited with guineas or chickens hatching. These are exotic birds and must be very tiny. I hope your 3rd egg hatches. Have you thought of names yet?

Leslie said...

I love your collage, and the babies! Well, we're all about babies around here these days!

Abby Creek Art said...

Sweet birdie fun! Really like your "vacation" collage and the "Priorities" collage packs a punch. Love that one!

Have a nice weekend, Miss Joy.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Joy,

So neat to hear about your babies .. thank you!!

But THANK YOU!!! for my Valentine's Day gift!! What a treat .. so thank you for your love and kindness so so much!!!

~ Diane Clancy

Claudine said...

Hi, Joy! I just dropped by and enjoyed seeing all of your latest work. How exciting to have baby birds! We just got our first dog... I had dogs growing up but this is our first one that is ours. She follows me all over! I am panicked over Dale's collage exchange. I haven't been very motivated art wise and now am functioning in panic mode. I also committed to a couple of other projects due in March... don't know why everyone picks March. Anyway, I am rambling. This weather today is miserable and I am feeling trapped! Ugh! Your blog is very inspiring as you always have something new. :)