Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ahhhhhhhhhhh I got in the juried show

I love being juried into the Circle Gallery. I love Annapolis and I love that gallery space and I love a group show. So the piece below was juried and and I am happy. So this month I am in 2 shows (it's feast or famine). I have an opening Friday eve and next week. The above piece I am considering touching up a bit. Not sure the white background is good?

It got HOT again and humid,not my kinda weather. I can get "cabin fever"in winter or in air conditioning. Got my hair cut short to tolerate when I have to go out at all in this.

Just got back another "fatbook"swap called "Graffiti"and I am loving all the fun art in it. That was a fun stretch to produce,very off the wall. I even made my own paper beads. Then today I get a mag that has a whole article on how to make paper beads. Sigh,I missed out on being an article in a mag. Now everyone will be making paper beads.

Happy month for me it seems! YAY. Gotta go send email thank you's for the post card swap and the fatbook swap.


LINDSAY said...

Congrats Joy! Love the artwork I'm seeing here!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I've been meaning to come by and congratulate you on this! I can't imagine what the feeling is to actually have art in a show...maybe one day!

e. beck said...

your painting here is beautiful.......i wouldn't change a thing......

thanks for stopping by my blog......e