Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's already getting too hot!

I am so not into heat.I have a internal heater that clicks on by itself.I am the one with fans and air conditioners on in Spring and Fall,if I want to sleep.Can a person really spontaneous combust?If so good bye me.

I hear often that something is wrong with me(temperature wise).Recently when I was in a full sweat in a store (complaining of the heat)a woman behind me said she is the same way.Always hot!I can wear a sweater and sandals in the winter and be just fine.I can heat up a bed probably even a car or room if given a chance.No I know what your thinking,it's past menopause thank you.Just another fun trait like being fair skinned and sunburns in sun.To tan I must go out in the Spring and get 15 mins a day of sun daily,then I am a glowing pinkish amber by July.

I wont even talk about my friends (Beth & Marlene)taking us to Ocean City for a day trip.Sick sick sick and peeling for days.Also swollen face and other places I am sure.Did I mention I went to a nude beach years ago?I was the only person people told to put their clothes back on!How embarrassing and a waste of valiums and nerves.My friends who took me to Blacks Beach are the color of footballs.I am a "whiter shade a pale".OK it comes with red hair sigh.

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LisaOceandreamer said...

OMG another thing we have in common..I have the AC on (it's a window one) in our room as much as possible (and in my studio)- either that or the window is always open. I can wear sandals in winter. I am ALWAYS warm or hot!! ALWAYS fanning! Summer heat can keel me over if I don't have a way to cool off. I WILL tan but since I am not one to lay on the beach or have a pool in my yard I'm not out in it long enough to tan. If I WERE on the beach there's a good chance I could get harpooned anyway. LOL!