Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fingers crossed

This is the piece entered for the Circle Gallery in Annapolis.The jurying is tomorrow so fingers crossed. The positive is the ladies who checked me in really liked my piece. I don't always name pieces since it can sway a buyers decision the wrong way. But I have always called it "ZEN FLOWERS". It was done in 2004 and hanging in my living room since. I loved it from the start to finish. Sometimes tearing papers can be so satisfying and amazing results. I am still swayed toward darker colors in my fav pieces I've done. I have another piece from torn (printmaking class) pages and acrylics hanging that I can look at for hours. Til I accumulate more pieces it's a keeper. Entering 2 shows in one week,wow. Feast or famine,huh?


Anonymous said...

Wow, Joy! If this piece is not accepted for the show, then it's THEIR loss! This is wonderful!!

Good luck!

liz cohn said...

Lovely- reminds me of Hawaii for some reason. Best of luck!

Claudine said...

I love the piece! Best of luck. I hope you get in the MFA show!