Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yessss another art show I am entered in!!!!

I will be in this years "THE BIG SHOW" at the Creative Alliance,of which I am an active member.The drop off was today and the official show starts June 29th to July 28th.The critique is on July 11th.I love the critiques because you get interesting input on what they like,usually that depends on the background of the person doing the critiquing.One show in Alexandria Va.I was rejected by an artist whose style of art was a green background with green lines.(it left me cold)But he had a right to chose I guess "he was chosen to chose".

Any way I am in this show and it's a fun venue.Very off beat crowd.Second time I've been in one of their shows.Love a good mixture show more than the same style all over the place(yawn).

I did this piece(see above)from the magazines you pick up at the beaches.When I got back one Sunday I started clipping lots of colorful ads out.After more coffee I came up with this fun idea.Completing the piece in a couple hours.The piece has had good reviews by others who saw it.(fingers crossed)

PS.The duck I saved I found out by calling to see how he was,is a GOOSE.I suppose one day he will be making me proud and leading formation over my house on his way back to Canada.

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