Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today started out as a nice 70 degree day

What a lovely day I thought!Then in rubbing my dog"Peter Pan"on the belly I saw raw skin.He has been itchy and scratching.Mostly when I am trying to sleep.We do the flee meds monthly,sprayed the house when we saw a flee...So now I panic and take him to our vet.$300 plus dollars later and a couple needles,and a thermometer up the butt a blood test and 4 daily meds to give at home(one being PROZAC)he is looking less irritated "down there".

So now the dog and I are on anti depressants together.The reason for this med is the dog bites randomly,but mostly me.He is a 17 pound "pekepoo"that thinks he is a pit bull.This attitude of his started after my sisters much larger dog attacked him when we visited.I am sure it was a case of "Spencer" protecting his property from my dog "Peter Pan".

So we came back from the vets all happy and on the road to being cured.He got a treat and I treated myself to an afternoon of artsy stuff.We sat out on the sunporch together,him snoring,me cutting and pasting a collage.(see above pic)Now all we have to do is figure how to hide all these pills,to get them swallowed.We all know how they can spot a pill in the middle of anything they eat and spit out the pill after.This should be fun,mostly I can't wait to not be embarassed by my surly little darling.I had wanted a doggie for so long, paid "a grand" after getting a house with 2 seperate fenced in yards.He looks nothing like what I imagined,more like a mutt for a grand.He is small but much larger then they predicted.He came with ring worm that I also got from him.When he was fixed he came home and promptly chewed out his staples.

But ya know I love him! I remind myself of that on days like this.

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LisaOceandreamer said...

Holy smokes what an ordeal! My sisterinlaw and brotherinlaw's dog is on Prozac. She's a poodle mix, can't remember what. She's 14 and started to have panic attacks...everything startled her and she'd shake uncontrollably (sometimes in the middle of the night). Now that she's on Prozac she's a much happier and calmer pooch. I never even knew they gave antidepressants to animals before that. I probably should be on them myself.
I hope this makes a difference for your Peter Pan.