Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh I loveeeeeeeeeee my sunporch

I have the best view inside my tree when I lay on my loveseat and look up. The ceiling fan and big ole chair are also a plus. It is amazingly quiet in my neighborhood. The dog and I often nap out on the porch. He alerts me to anyone p-mailing on our property. I do my collages out there and often eat lunch there. Since we had new windows that open and a new door and fresh paint it has become my favorite room in the house. It is most shaded and coolest. Ice tea on the Varenda dahlink? Today the new fridge came which will finally make ice for us!!!!! Oh happy days. I have a lovely spot in the back yard with a maple tree and tall grasses that I am just going to have to duplicate in the front yard now(so I can see it from my new porch.

I love laying there in nightfall and watching all the birdies come home and say goodnight to each other. My trees are the perfect birdie hotels.I do love trees so so much. How can any one make a decision to cut them down? All I do in each house is plant more and more. One of our old houses I planted trees to shade the hot side and they cut them down since??? WHY??? More later time to air condition and stare into my new fridge awhile. Makes sense to have the freezer on the bottom huh?

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love this porch! I'm envious! What a wonderful source of inspiration for creating artwork, and how could one go wrong with that adorable furry companion by your side??!!