Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Painted B&W of mom and dad in 1948

Mom and dad in 1948,Doris n Roy. I am enjoying painting the copies I make of old b&w photo's. How I do it is copy photo and print onto cardstock usually get in 2 photo's on a sheet. Then I paint them with the liquid bottles of acrylic,the ones AC Moore carries cheap. It's hard to do great detail the size I am doing (about 6"x4") but like Lisa Bebi says to do is enlarge them then paint them. But I am thick headed and I don't follow rules well. I like how they look on the K&Company paper background. Seems to catch the colors of the times. It was fun painting one of dads old cars too. He rarely took family pics of anyone without a car in the background. He loved his cars!

One baby lovebird is left and going to it's new home this coming weekend. As I said these lovebirds are at it again (too much Barry White music) so we shall have more lovebirds again. When they are tiny they make sounds like a squeeky shopping cart.

This morning was misty and smelled real green out. Spring is near. Everything is blooming. The doves are around again. Robins are trying to build nests on my windows. I am feeling somewhat manic and getting projects done. Mailed off my art donation to Art for Autism,a good cause. Started a new collage series for next years International Collage Exchange. Life is good this week! Thanks for leaving comments folks and emailing me nice comments.



Really nice collage and even more special because it's all about your family....

Neda said...

What's a real artist if she follows rules, huh???

I really love the tenderness and etheral feel of this image. It's like they're going to be soaring with happiness (and I guess they did since they got you, Joy...tee hee)

I am too sleepy to check that technique now but I will certainly look forward to learning some more... YOU SHOULD BE POSTING more of your lovely work, my dear!!!

Maddy said...

Self expression always gets my vote.
Best wishes