Saturday, April 26, 2008

Peter Max has a show all week at Harborplace

It is next weekend Peter Max is here! I called for a reservation for next weekend to see the man in person. They said he will be working on art while he is here at his show! Is that so beyond exciting? They said his karma is all around him. Ok hold on one more week my heart.
Latest collage is "Leaving the dream behind". I finished t this morning.


scrapatorium said...

I hope you're allowed to take photos! I'm a fan, too.

Neda said...

I am very moved by thiscollage...The figure seems determined and out the door. Rendering her all in black makes her an everywoman, you, me, her...A collective of all women, young or old, leaving something behind...I don't think - or maybe I hope -- that she is leaving a "dream," but rather a chapter of her life that needed to be closed. Beautiful work!

Abby Creek Art said...

Really lovely collage, Joy. Hold on to your hat...Peter Max is coming!