Saturday, April 12, 2008


Seems the subject on a few blogs this week is hands. I had mentioned how much I wish I had photographed my moms hands. They were strong hands powerful as she was. Even as I held them as she was dying I couldn't help but think this about them and all they have done. No she wasn't a manual laborer but she could have been if she chose to be. She really had no fear of anything including death. I have my fathers hands more then hers. Sensitive hands. Not feminine hands that I admire but hands that quilted and did art. I think of them as overly sensitive hands. Dad and I could get our feelings hurt so easily but not mom. Mom rolled with the punches. Have I mentioned how much I miss my parents lately?


Leslie said...

I am so very lucky to still have both of my parents. I am the only one of my friends to still have my father, and one of handful that have their mother.

Thinking of you today and hoping that all goes well.


Neda said...

Hands have such mystical attraction in several civilizations but more than that -- as your post brilliantly indicated -- it is the primordial form of contact and tenderness.. I understand your sense of irreplaceable loss but all I can say (having lost my Mom a long time ago), you honor them by doing exactly what you are doing. Talking about them, remembering their gestures, making art, etc. But also, Joy, YOU have to remember that YOU too were a loving child to both your parents and that, my dear, is equally important. Kisses, my dear friend .

rochambeau said...

Dear Joy,
Thank you for your comment today. Your post here touches me. It's evident how much you still love and appreciate your parents. I like that about you.

Abby Creek Art said...

Joy, really sweet tributes to your mom and dad. I guess you never really get over missing them, do you? The painted b&w is especially moving to me. The composition, color, narrative all work beautifully together.

Frances said...

Beautiful image. You are keeping them alive by your work and your words. The fact that you miss them and still love them is a testament to them and all they did for you.
Keeping the happy times in your mind maybe helps doing without them now.
Very moving post, Joy