Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guess who is in town this weekend!

I am so excited about this art show in Baltimore this weekend. I know our generation has always loved Peter Max. His colors are so vivid and gave hope to us all. His art is part of our culture and he is a household name. I actually know an art friend with a "real" Peter Max in her apartment. This is an exciting show,he is now 70 and the works are timeless and speak of PEACE. Just the thought of possibly meeting him in person and seeing his art is making my weekend.


Neda said...

Wow!!! I saw the show in Austin maybe a couple of years ago. I did not meet him so, my love, you oughta go to the opening day reception and have a drink for me :) Tell me how it goes!!

Abby Creek Art said...

Fun! Hope you have a great time at the show...and that you get to meet the man himself. Tell us all about it next week, k?!

Leslie said...

Oh boy! Just seeing this pictures brings back so many memories of a place and time! Have a blast!